The true heart of Myanmar  

Find yourself in a timeless land of enigmatic temples and ancient traditions.

Bagan is one of the most wondrous sights in the world, a picturesque riverside landscape dotted with thousands of mysterious pagodas dating back hundreds of years.

Much of Baganís charm comes from the fact that it is not a museum, but rather a living monument where devout Buddhists can still be seen paying homage to the Buddha on a day-to-day basis.

Bagan offers endless opportunities for exploration, by horse cart, bicycle or motorised transport. Pathways crisscross the plains, leading to hidden temples just waiting to be discovered and explored.

While Baganís structures are stunning from afar, closer inspection reveals even more amazing architectural details both outside and inside, as well as captivating interiors decorated with astonishing Buddhist statues and murals.

Bagan is the one destination in Myanmar that no one should miss. But donít take our word for it Ė come see for yourself, and be amazed.






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